Updating the innuOS System

The innuOS System is the operating system of your Innuos server/streamer/player. It’s the core software which commands all operations and manages all data, the music library, favourites, playlists and the associated functions as well as all playback operations and the integration or interconnection with the remaining audio chain devices such as the USB DAC, the Network Streamer or Network Servers.

It is also the one responsible for providing the innuOS dashboard or the Innuos Sense app UI interface for all remote control and management operations as well as a reliable and stable operation on all its features/functions. Therefore it is of the upmost importance to keep it running well and fully updated with all the latest features, improvements and bug fixes. Much like any other server, computer or mobile device.

Please check which innuOS system version your unit is currently using and make sure its updated to the latest innuOS 2 system version available. We always advise our customers to keep their systems as much updated as possible so that all bug fixes are in place. We frequently release updates with bug fixes, improvements and new features. You’ll always benefit from having the unit fully updated. On the above link you may find all innuOS 2 versions release notes with detailed changelogs.


In order for the innuOS System Updates to work properly the Innuos server/streamer/player must be connected to a local network with a reliable internet connection. System Updates will not work for without an internet connection. Highly restricted network environment connections with restricted security profiles or unreliable network/internet connections may also interfere or severely degrade the System Update process and ultimately render it inoperable.

  • Network connection with Internet access;
  • Reliable and performant network/internet connection;
For a reliable network/internet connection a direct Ethernet cable network connection to the internet router/gateway is always to be preferred and advised. The use of network range extenders or bridges (Powerline or Wi-Fi) may be prone to network glitches, instability and therefore unreliability – so this shouldn’t be the first choice for a reliable network connection. If you are finding issues with that setup then please try a direct cable connection instead. An interrupted or corrupted System Update due to a bad or unreliable network connection can lead to issues with the innuOS system operation.

Check for innuOS System Updates

You may easily check if there are new System Updates available for your Innuos unit(s) on your network by going to the my.innuos.com web service page. An Update Available warning will show by the found unit(s). Or you may simply open each unit’s innuOS dashboard (via the Innuos Sense app or the my.innuos.com web service) and then proceed to update its innuOS System.

my.innuos.com Web Service Page – Update Available
Starting with the innuOS 2.3.5 system release, notifications for any newly available System Update are also displayed within the innuOS dashboard.

How to Update the innuOS System

On your Innuos unit innuOS dashboard navigate to the following System Update screen. It will check for any available System Updates and allow you to start the System Update procedure and/or to consult the changelog for the latest System Update version.

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM > SETTINGS > SYSTEM > System Update

Detailed steps with example screenshots can be found below:

1. Open your Innuos server/streamer/player innuOS dashboard via the my.innuos.com web service or the Innuos Sense app and go to the SYSTEM page;

innuOS dashboard – Navigation Bar

2. On the SYSTEM page go to the SETTINGS page;

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM page

3. On the SETTINGS page available options open the SYSTEM > System Update page;

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM > SETTINGS > SYSTEM options page

4. The System Update page will check for any available System Updates and show the results. If there are System Updates available you will find all details such as the currently installed version, the target (latest) version available to update to, a short “what’s new” information and an option to read a detailed changelog. Starting with the innuOS 2.3.5 system release, you have now an option to display notifications for any newly available System Updates – we do recommend to keep it enabled. You may press/click UPDATE NOW to start the update process immediately;

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM > SETTINGS > SYSTEM > System Update – New Update Available

5. Before or while the System Update is ongoing you may always check the changes that the System Update brings with it, by pressing/clicking SEE ALL CHANGES or the CHANGELOG buttons. Click CLOSE to return to the System Update page;

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM > SETTINGS > SYSTEM > System Update > SEE ALL CHANGES (or CHANGELOG)

6. When the System Update process is started it will show its progress and detail the target version and any ongoing steps. It will run automatically all the required steps. If several System Update versions are required to be installed the system will restart automatically on each step and then proceed with the remaining steps. Please allow all System Updates steps to complete – do not interrupt, power down or restart until they are completed.

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM > SETTINGS > SYSTEM > System Update – Ongoing Updates
Please bear in mind that some innuOS updates are longer than others. Depending on your internet connection speed/performance they may take a while to complete. Do not interrupt any ongoing System Updates. Please do not interrupt the process, do not power down or restart the unit until it completes. If you find any trouble always try to go back to the my.innuos.com web service, reopen the innuOS dashboard and then follow up on any remaining System Updates.

7. Once all System Updates steps are completed the unit will restart. Upon the restart the System Updates page will refresh a final SYSTEM UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY message with the current innuOS version installed. You may DISMISS it to return to the innuOS dashboard;


8. The Innuos server/streamer/player is now fully updated. When the unit is already fully updated and you try to update it it will show a message that the System is up to date and the current version installed. You may also change the innuOS Available Updates Notification setting – we do recommend to keep it enabled so that those notifications will pop up within the innuOS dashboard or the Innuos Sense app whenever a new System Update is available.

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM > SETTINGS > SYSTEM > System Update – System is up to date

Done. Your Innuos unit should now be fully updated and restarted with the latest innuOS system release.

If for some reason the innuOS update didn’t progress for long or it did not completed successfully, depending on the issue, you may receive an error on screen or none at all. Give it some time to allow it to complete. Then try to restart your Innuos unit and try again to update the system. If not sorted then please get in touch with our Support.
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