Downloading the Innuos Sense App

The new Innuos Sense app is our own free and supported remote control/player app and can be installed on your mobile devices (phone or tablet) on iOS/iPadOS, Android or Amazon Fire from their respective app stores as well as from any modern browser via

  • iOS/iPadOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) – Innuos Sense (Apple App Store – Free)
  • Android (Phone or Tablet) – Innuos Sense (Google Play Store – Free)
  • Android (Amazon Fire Tablets) – Innuos Sense (Amazon Store – Free)
  • innuOS 2.0 Web UI – For all Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and GNU/Linux systems based computers/devices and using any modern and updated web browser (such as Chromium or Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari in example) you can access the same UI as the Innuos Sense app interface from any computer or device (connected on the same network as your server) by navigating to and finding and opening your server’s dashboard. Of course, it will work as well on any mobile device (Android or iOS/iPadOS) so if your device doesn’t allow you to install the Innuos Sense app from any of the above app stores you can always use the innuOS 2.0 web UI on a web browser.
The new Innuos Sense remote control app for Android or iOS/PadOS devices
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