Replacing the fuse on Innuos products


All Innuos models with a linear power supply (LPSU) use a standard “slow-blow” 2A , 250V rated fuse. In case of a blown or damaged fuse, these detailed specifications should be used as replacements:

Fuse: Slow-blow, 2A, 250V
Farnell Ref: 9922270
Details: Fuse, Cartridge, Slow Blow, 2A, 250V, 5mm x 20mm, 0.2″ x 0.79″

Some possible buying links follow as example:
UK link:
US link:

Audiophile Fuses

Optionally, if so inclined, any aftermarket Audiophile fuses may be used but they should also be slow-blow but we recommend a step up to a 3.15A rated fuse (remaining specifications are the same).

Fuse Drawer

The fuse drawer should always be opened with the fingertips or fingernails, no tools are required and their use can damage the fuse drawer. See an example video on how simple it is to open it.

Fuse holder on Innuos servers/streamers

If the fuse drawer is damaged it can be easily replaced using these replacements specifications:

Fuse Drawer: Schurter 4301.1413
Details: 2 Pole, Fuse Drawer, for DD11, DD12, DD21, DD22, KEA Print, KFA, KMF Power Entry Modules

Directional Audiophile Fuses

Any directional audiophile fuses require to be inserted with the proper orientation. The following picture may be provided as an indication or guide.

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