Troubleshooting Network Connection Issues with PhoenixNET

If you’re not able to get a network connection when having a PhoenixNET switch connected, please try the following steps to diagnose the issue:

  1. Connect the cable coming from your router or switch that is currently connected to your Input on the PhoenixNET to your device directly. Does the device have a network connection? If it doesn’t then the issue is before the PhoenixNET and you’ll need to review your network there.
  2. If the device works direct, connect the cable from the router/switch into the PhoenixNET input and connect the cable from the PhoenixNET to your device:
    • Do the lights on the ethernet port on your device light up showing a connection? If they don’t, try a different Ethernet cable between the PhoenixNET and the device.
    • Try a different output port on the PhoenixNET. If that works then you may have a defective port and your PhoenixNET will need service.
  3. Is the PhoenixNET connected directly to your router or has other network switch devices in-between? If there are switch devices in-between, try connecting directly to your router and connecting your device again. Check if both Ethernet lights on the router and the device light up to indicate a connection.
  4. Try connecting a computer via PhoenixNET and check if the computer does have a connection.

If after the steps above you can’t get any of the devices to work with the PhoenixNET, please contact your dealer so your unit can be checked at one of our Authorized Service Centers.

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