Using the Fing app to discover the Innuos System IP address

If you’re having issues with your Innuos system not being recognised by the Sense App or on, we recommend using the Fing app ( available for Free on both iOS and Android devices. There is also a desktop version ( for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Install Fing on your device that is connected to the same router as your Innuos system – Fing can only search for systems that are present on the same network. So if you have your Innuos system connected to router A, make sure to connect your device to the wireless or wired ports of router A.

Click the button to Scan Current Network and Fing will start enumerating the devices on your network. This will provide the network name of the device and the IP address (in a format – Ex: just below the name. This is the IP address of your system and can be used on a browser to access the Sense UI directly.

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