Troubleshooting Connection Issues with PhoenixUSB

The PhoenixUSB Reclocker works as a USB Hub device that receives the USB packets from a source and resends them using a much more precise USB clock as well as providing a clean 5V output from the internal Linear Power Supply. For this reason, the PhoenixUSB should work with any USB device, not even just audio related ones.

If you’re not able to connect your DAC to your Music Server when using a PhoenixUSB Reclocker in-between, please try the following steps:

  1. Ensure that connecting your Music Server / Streamer works correctly connected to your DAC using your existing USB Cable. If that’s not working, your issue will be either source device, USB Cable or DAC.
  2. If you’re using 3rd party USB Cables to connect the source device to the PhoenixUSB and from the PhoenixUSB to the DAC, try using the USB Cable provided with the PhoenixUSB to connect between the PhoenixUSB and the DAC.
  3. If the above does not resolve, let’s check if there is an issue with the PhoenixUSB:
    • Connect the PhoenixUSB to a PC or Mac Laptop using the cable provided with the PhoenixUSB.
    • Connect a USB device to the PhoenixUSB such as a USB Stick. If the USB stick is identified and works properly on the computer, the PhoenixUSB is working correctly.
    • If the USB device is not identified on the PC or Mac computer then it’s likely there is a hardware-issue with your PhoenixUSB. Please contact your dealer to follow up from here.
    • Try using your existing USB cable between the computer and the PhoenixUSB and check this device still works. If it doesn’t, try a different USB Cable.
  4. If the PhoenixUSB is working correctly with another USB device with both the existing USB cable and the provided USB Cable then the best option is to take the unit to your dealer so they can test with an Innuos unit and another DAC.

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