DAC doesn’t play DSD256, DSD512 or above

To play DSD256 and above, DACs will need to have support for NativeDSD playback at the base Operating System level – in the case of Innuos that is Linux. The DAC must be supported specifically on the Linux Kernel for this. If it’s not supported, you will need to select DoP (DSD over PCM) in order to play DSD up to DSD256.

First check if your DAC is on the supported list of NativeDSD DACs listed on this article.

If your DAC is not listed, you can still go on the Sense App and navigate to System > Settings > Audio and choose Native DSD as the DSD mode. If you don’t get any sound when playing this way then there is not Native DSD support for your DAC and you will need to choose DoP as the DSD mode.

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