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BBC Sounds is a streaming media and audio download service from the BBC that includes live radio broadcasts, audio on demand, and podcasts. The BBC Sounds service replaced the older BBC iPlayer Radio service for UK users in October 2018, with both the new and the old services supported until September 2019 when the iPlayer Radio was finally decommissioned in the UK. Since 22 September 2020, BBC Sounds has been available to international users and it replaced the previous iPlayer Radio for them at the end of October 2020.


  • Innuos server/streamer updated with innuOS v2.0.9 or above. This release now supports the BBC Sounds service;
  • A BBC user account registered at the BBC Sounds website is required;
  • A LMS server plugin supporting the BBC Sounds service must be enabled.

How to connect your BBC Sounds account

Please bear in mind that currently BBC Sounds support depends on a 3rd party plugin (Open Source software), not developed by Innuos, therefore we cannot guarantee that it doesn’t break at some point in the future or that it won’t be removed without prior notice. We are just making it work with our innuOS system and providing it as is. This is why we do not advertise this as an innuOS feature. This is similar to the Spotify Connect integration currently available.

1. The BBC Sounds service works through a dedicated plugin on the Logitech Media Server (LMS) server software within the innuOS system. You are required to add this plugin to it. Please refer to the following dedicated knowledge base article on how to access the LMS settings and the plugins page. When done come back to this one and follow the next steps.

Support KB > How-To > Managing the Server > Access the internal Logitech Media Server (LMS) Software Settings

2. Scroll down the lists of 3rd party plugins and the find the “BBC Sounds” plugin. Select it. Click “Apply” to install it.

Innuos server Logitech Media Server plugins – install BBC Sounds plugin

3. Restart the LMS server software to apply the new plugin install. Allow a minute to restart properly.

Innuos server Logitech Media Server plugins – restart server to apply changes

4. Go back to the LMS Plugins page (step [1.]) or refresh the web browser to update the LMS Plugins page. The “BBC Sounds” plugin should now appear on the Active plugins list. Find the respective “Settings” link at the rightmost column and click it to open the BBS Sounds plugin settings page.

Innuos server Logitech Media Server plugins – BBC Sounds settings

5. Add your existing BBC account credentials details (username/email address and the password) to the respective fields. click “Sign In” to sign in your BBC account. Select the option “Place in the ‘Radio’ menu instead of the default ‘My Apps’ menu…”. Click “Apply” to apply changes.

Innuos server Logitech Media Server plugins – BBC Sounds account credentials

6. Check that the sign in was successful. You should get the following results. If not then please go back to the previous step, check your credentials and make sure they are working and then try again to insert them and sign in.

Innuos server Logitech Media Server plugins – BBC Sounds successful sign in

7. Plugin settings are done. Please restart your server by going to the innuOS dashboard or the Innuos Sense app > SERVER > Power (top right icon) > Restart. When restarted you should be able to find the BBC Sounds by going to the innuOS dashboard or the Innuos Sense app > MUSIC > RADIO > RADIO SERVICES > BBC Sounds (at the side of Radio Paradise) and play any of the available radio stations or podcasts from there.

innuOS dashboard > MUSIC > RADIO > RADIO SERVICES > BBC Sounds


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