Troubleshooting Roon Connection Issues

If you receive a message from your Roon app that it cannot find your ZEN / Statement system as a Roon Core, check the following steps:

  1. Go to Sense App and check if you are in Roon Core mode. There should be a bar on the bottom of the screen stating this. If you don’t have this bar, go to System > Settings > System Mode and change the System Mode to Standalone > Roon > Roon Core.
  2. If you do have the bar mentioning you’re in Roon Core mode, go to System > Settings > Roon Troubleshooting. Make sure you are running Roon version 2.0. If the system says it’s running version 1.8 and your Roon app is running the latest version, it will not connect. Press the button to install version 2.0+ on the system.
  3. Check your network requirements as per Roon’s specification – see the Roon article for networking best practices.
  4. Try changing your System Mode to Endpoint > Roon then changing back to Standalone > Roon > Roon Core. This will restart the Roon service.
  5. If you’re getting Roon to crash, you can download the Roon logs by going to System > Settings > Roon Trobleshooting > Download Logs. If requested, please send the logs to our Support Team so we can try and understand what the problem may be.
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