Managing Compilation Albums

With the new innuOS 2.0 system and for locally stored Albums, you are able to compile multiple Albums into one single Album (that could have been split up into several during the import or ripping process). This is a case where the metadata, in the original file, such as having different Album Artists’ names, is translating into splitting that album into several separate albums. This can be easily remedied by utilizing the compilation option, under the album Edit section.

1. Open your and select your server;

2. On the lower part of your screen select “Music” and then “Albums”;

3. Select the local album that you wish to amalgamate into another;

4. Click on the Pencil Icon to get to the album editing section;

5. Inside the editing window you can now select the Compilation option (make sure you hit SAVE, on the upper right corner, after checking the box);

6. Note that in the Album Artist section you will reflect Various Artists (this too can be edited);

7. Repeat this process to the other albums of the same name you wish to compile and that’s it;

Done! Please notice that you may find other Albums that are duplicate in the Music Library for other reasons, such as holding files in different resolutions or formats. In that case please read our KB article: Duplicated Albums on the Music Library.

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