UPnP App not showing albums/artists from Innuos System in UPnP Native Mode


  1. You’re accessing your Innuos System using a 3rd party UPnP app
  2. Your system is set in UPnP Native mode
  3. When browsing the app, you can see the Innuos system as a UPnP Server but browsing any of the categories shows the library is empty.

Solution 1 – Clear UPnP Database

  1. Try clearing the UPnP Library and rescan. For this go to the Sense App > System > Settings > UPnP and select Troubleshooting.
  2. Click the “Clear UPnP Database” button. This will rescan the library on the UPnP Server so it will take some time. You can check on the app if you can see some albums being added now
UPnP Native Troubleshooting

Solution 2 – Reconfigure the path for UPnP to rescan

If the previous solution did not solve the issue, try the steps below:

  1. On a Web Browser, open my.innuos.com and click on your system
  2. On the URL, add “:45537” at the end of the line so that it looks like “”. This should take you to the AssetUPnP Manager
  3. Click on the Folders link then check the configuratio is as per image below. If it’s empty, please click on Add Folder and choose the folders as per information below.
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