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Valid November only

We’re passionate about designing digital audio equipment from the ground up, combining state of the art electronics with user-friendly software for a truly immersive experience that will make you fall in love with music all over again.

Compare between our ZEN Series or STATEMENT music servers, listen with or without one of our Phoenix or add the LPSU to our ZENmini and you will immediately reveal the sound improvements you can get.

Experience our new intuitive and slick Innuos Sense App to easily navigate your music collection either local or on streaming services, rip your CDs, import files or add to a playlist with a single touch.

This November, we want to give you a little help by offering you the chance to win one of our systems.

It’s easy to enter the competition – Just follow these simple steps!

Get in touch with your local dealer – you can find them here.

Experience one or more of our systems


Buy and Triple your Chances to win

You or your dealer of choice just need to do one post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with:

  • Picture or video with you listening to your chosen Innuos systems
  • Handle @Innuos
  • Hash tag #InnuosGiveAway
  • Hash tag for all models you have tried or bought
    • #InnuosZENmini | #InnuosZEN | #InnuosZENith | #InnuosSTATEMENT
    • #InnuosZENminiLPSU
    • #InnuosPhoenixUSB | #InnuosPhoenixNET
  • Dealer name

Post example:

Send us an email to with

  • Link to post
  • Model and serial number of all systems tried or bought in November
  • Invoice (in case you bought the systems)
  • Contact details (name, address, email and mobile)
  • We will send you tickets for each of the systems tried or bought:
    • One tickets per system tried
    • Three tickets per system bought

Stand by for announcement of the winner on social media early December so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • We will draw 1 winner ticket per model
  • If the winner tried the system, will receive a unit and if the winner bought it will get a refund for unit bought

Restrictions do apply, please read full program details below.

Want to know more about our systems?

Servers and Streamers

Servers & Streamers


Network Switch


Can anyone just demo any Innuos Product and be eligible to be entered into the drawing?

Yes, anyone can demo any Innuos Product either in the comfort of your own home or in-store at a local dealer, however, you will need to take a photo of our system and of you listening to the product, do a post on social media using the hashtags as described in the campaign and send us an email to with your contact details, the dealer, the serial number of the product(s) and a link to the post, as described on the steps above.

Why should I buy an Innuos Product if I can just demo any unit and be entered into the drawing to win?

The difference between buying or demoing a product during the month of November is:

  • Demo Only: Innuos will only offer ONE giveaway entry ticket per system tried. For the music servers, the giveaway unit has a 1TB storage capacity
  • Buy: Innuos will offer THREE giveaway entry tickets per system bought. The winner will get a FULL Refund for the unit bough. In the case of a music server, it’s regardless of the storage capacity purchased.

Can I enter the giveaway with more than one model?

Yes, if you demo or buy more than one of our products you can get one or three (depending on whether it’s demo or buy respectively) giveaway ticket entry for each of those demoed or bought Innuos models.

If I demo several models but buy only one or two, can I get tickets for all demoed and bought models?

Yes, you can get tickets for all systems demoed or bought. But you only get one opportunity per model.

How do I arrange for a home or in-store demonstration of your Innuos products?

Please contact your local Innuos Authorized Retailer to schedule a home or in-store demonstration. If you do not know which store is an approved Innuos reseller, please visit the “Where to Buy” page on our website to find your local reseller

What do I do if my local store does not carry the Innuos product I would like to demo/Purchase?

If your local store does not carry the Innuos product you would like to demo or purchase, please contact Innuos at for further assistance in scheduling a demo or purchase with another dealer.

I have done my demo, so now what?

Great, please follow the steps described above and an Innuos representative will get in touch with you confirming your eligibility for the drawing. Make sure you have taken a photo of you listening to our demo unit before returning it to the dealer or if you are doing an in-store demo, ask the dealer to take one. And then use this photo on the social media post including the required hashtags as described above.

What proof of eligibility is required?

Proof of eligibility to be entered into the drawing includes:

  • Name
  • City and Country of residence
  • Name of local Innuos Authorized dealer
  • Innuos product demoed
  • Date of Demo
  • Invoice Number (if purchased)
  • Link to the Image/video of the Innuos product and you listening to the system (if demo only)

When is the deadline to enter the drawing for a chance to win any Innuos product?

This exclusive offer is only valid from November 1st to November 30th 2021.


The terms and conditions below govern the procedures to participate in the “Innuos Try It or Buy It Offer” starting Monday, November 1 until Tuesday, November 30, 2021. These terms and conditions concern the eligibility and the process of the drawing while demonstrating or purchasing any Innuos product from an authorised Innuos retailer. Please read through these terms and conditions carefully.

1. Innuos is offering an exclusive opportunity for any music enthusiast to demo or purchase any one of their Innuos products to be eligible to get a chance to win or be fully refunded for the Innuos product tested/bought from November 1 to November 30, 2021 only.

2. Demonstrations can be done in the comfort of your own home or in-store at a local Innuos Authorized retailer.

3. This exclusive Try It or Buy It Offer will apply to any one of the following Innuos models:

ZENmini Mk3 Music Server & Streamer

ZENmini Mk3 LPSU

ZEN MK3 Music Server & Streamer

ZENith MK3 Music Server & Streamer

STATEMENT Music Server & Streamer

PhoenixUSB Reclocker

PhoenixNET Audiophile-Grade Network Switch

4. Innuos will offer one (1) unit of each of these models.

5. To arrange a demonstration of any one of the Innuos Products, please contact your local Innuos Authorized retailer to schedule a demo either in the comfort of your own home or in-store at a local retailer. If you do not know who your local Innuos Authorized Retailer is, please visit our “Where to Buy” page on our website.

6. To be eligible to be entered into the drawing to win your preferred Innuos product that you demonstrated and/or purchased during the month of November 2021, participants should follow the steps described in the promotion details above.

7. If the participant is unable to access social media to do a post, the selected dealer can do a post on their behalf

8. Eligible entries for the exclusive drawing are those who either demonstrated and/or purchased any one of our Innuos products (ZENmini, ZENmini LPSU, ZEN, ZENith, STATEMENT, PhoenixUSB or PhoenixNET) and would like to participate in this “Innuos Try It or Buy It Offer” to win or be fully refunded for a new Innuos system providing you a gateway to a completely new musical experience.

9. The following restrictions apply to the Innuos Try It or Buy It Offer:


(No Purchase)


Eligibility Period    NOVEMBER 2021


Any Innuos Product 


Post with Innuos Systems Photo/Video and Hashtags


Copy of Invoice of Purchase


Number of Giveaway Entry Tickets per model Demo/Bought



Winners will Receive

If Music Server – 1TB Only, any Colour

If PhoenixUSB/PhoenixNET – any colour

If Music Server – Full Refund regardless of storage capacity (1TB – 8TB) and any colour

If PhoenixUSB/PhoenixNET – any colour

  • A. Demo Only – For those participants who took advantage of this exclusive offer to only demonstrate/test (not purchase) one of Innuos’ products and have a photo/video verifying the demo during the month of November. The winner(s) will be eligible to win only a 1TB storage capacity of any music server in the colour of your choice (black or silver), one ZENmini LPSU or one of the Phoenix systems also in the colour of your choice (Black or Silver)
  • B. Buy – For those participants who took advantage of this exclusive offer to purchase any Innuos product and can provide a copy of an invoice verifying the purchase during the month of November. The winner(s) will receive a FULL refund on their purchase regardless of the storage capacity purchased (1TB to 8TB) and in the colour of their choice (black or silver), one ZENmini LPSU or one of the Phoenix systems also in the colour of your choice (Black or Silver)


10. The Innuos Try It or Buy It Promotional offer is only valid from November 1st to November 30th, 2021. Any demonstrations or purchases made before or after this date will no longer be valid and eligible for the drawing.

11. The drawing will take place in early December. Dates and times are to be confirmed but all entrants will be notified by email and notifications will be placed on Innuos social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

12. Innuos reserves the right to remove any end-user found to be abusing the Try It or Buy It Promotional offer. This can be conducted without consent from the customer.

13. Innuos authorized retailers are available on the Innuos website at and reserves the right to edit the list of authorized stores within this time period. New retailers are consistently being added and other edits may be made to existing retailer information as required. If you are unable to locate an authorized Innuos Dealer near you or they do not carry the Innuos product you would like to purchase, please contact Innuos at for assistance.

14. Innuos and all authorized Innuos stores will ensure that all necessary steps are taken not to disclose your personal information to any third parties. The giveaway participants consent to Innuos storing their contact information, and the Innuos product demo or purchased via this promotion for technical support or other news from Innuos. The giveaway participants authorise Innuos to share their post on social media or to reuse the picture sent. The giveaway participants may rescind this consent by submitting an email to to get their contact details removed from the Innuos database.

15. Innuos reserve the right to remove any store found to be breaching the eligibility criteria as listed above.

16. Products purchased during this promotion are to be used solely for personal use and enjoyment. They are not to be auctioned, exchanged, or resold for profit.

17. Should an authorized Innuos store refuse to comply or assist with demonstration and thereby not provide the participant a demo unit in good working condition, please notify and report to Innuos right away by email at, or by phone at (+351) 308 800 826 (if outside of the UK) or at +44(0) 2475 200 210 (within the UK).

18. The participant has to do a social media post with a picture and using hashtags according to the instructions above and email Innuos with the link as well as all necessary information listed above to be entered into the drawing for a chance to win an Innuos product or receive a full refund on your purchase. If you continue with the purchase without posting or emailing to Innuos, then you are authorising the transaction with no promotional offer and no opportunity to receive the full refund. It will be down to Innuos’ discretion as to whether we enter the participant into the drawing.

19. Innuos displays links to all authorized Innuos stores on their website at All information is provided directly by the store themselves and therefore Innuos cannot be held responsible for any errors or wrong information on these sites. This includes if a link is out of date or the company text is incorrect.

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