Just Launched: innuOS Feedback Zone

We have now just launched our new innuOS Feedback Zone. The innuOS Feedback Zone will be our main communication area for innuOS software development with our users so that you can:

  • Check existing Feature Requests and vote on the ones you’d like to have prioritized
  • Comment and provide your opinion on proposed features
  • Propose your own Feature Requests (subject to approval)
  • Check what bugs and features are being worked on for the next innuOS release
  • Check existing known bugs and their respective status
  • Vote on issues you are having so the Development team can prioritize them
  • See the innuOS version Changelogs

In order to propose or vote on Features/Bugs, you will need to register on the platform. You can use any existing Twitter, Google or Facebook accounts or just use your email. You can create your own Display Name on the profile so that your real name is not published.

We hope this will be a useful tool to be more informed what the innuOS Software Team is working on as well as providing feedback about the features you’d love to have.

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