How to Update your InnuOS

The InnuOS has been through a number of iterations and for optimal performance, we recommend looking into updating your InnuOS to the latest version.
Updating your server is easy as 1,2,3 and here are some basic steps on how to update your software.

For older 1.x versions

1. Open your browser and type and select your server

2. On the left click on the drop-down menu and select Settings

3. Then to the right click on Update System

Sample image of Settings > Update System (version 1.x)
Beyond InnuOS 1.4.9 you will be prompted to upgrade to the 2.x version. A very different and more interactive software that will allow you not only to manage your music library but also to play your music.

For systems running InnuOS 2.x

1. Navigate to your browser and type (or go to your Innuos Sense APP) and select your server

2. Click on the Server icon on the bottom of the screen > then click on Settings

3. Now click on Update System

Server > Settings > System Update window(versions 2.x)

Done! Don’t forget to take the Welcome Tour after updating to the 2.x

Note that these updates can take quite a bit of time, depending on your connection. Make sure not to power off the unit while this is taking place.

If you run into any issues during your update process please visit our Support page or reach out to our support team via

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