Connecting your TIDAL account

TIDAL is a Norwegian subscription-based music, podcast, and video streaming service that offers audio and music videos. Launched in 2014 by Aspiro and is now majority-owned by Square. Your Innuos and TIDAL work really well together, and it depends on a platform called TIDAL has recently undergone changes and has affected the integration between innuOS and the platform and will require, for the moment, manual intervention to resolve. This article will show you how, just follow these steps:

TIDAL is a third-party paid streaming service. You will need to create your account prior to adding it to your Innuos. Go to to  Sign up

1. Navigate to your browser and type > select your server

2. Select the SERVER icon at the bottom of your screen menu icons

3. Scroll and select TIDAL in the Streaming Services list

4. You will need a mysqueezebox account and you can create one by clicking on CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT HERE

5. This will lead you to the site to initiate the sign-up process

Create New Squeezebox account window

​6. After this, go back to the TAB of your > click on the Server icon > Settings > TIDAL > You can now select “I HAVE AN ACCOUNT” option and enter your mysqueezebox credentials

TIDAL setup window

7. After entering your myzqueezebox credentials and clicking Connect, the window will display the next steps so you can log in and install the TIDAL APP

8. Click on the 1st line (1. Click here to login on and a new TAB will lead you to the mysqueezebox site

9. Go ahead and log in to the Logitech Squeezebox

Squeezebox login

10. Afterwards, click back on the previous browser TAB > This will take you to the APPs Gallery > Click on the INSTALL APP on the right side of the screen

TIDAL Install APP option

11. Once installed select the LOG IN button that will take you to the TIDAL PAGE to log in
(If this does not happen, you can click on the CONFIGURE button or MY APPS option that will give you the LOG IN button option)

12- You are almost done, now just Enter your TIDAL credentials on the next window

TIDAL Login window

12. After entering your TIDALcredentials the browser will transport you back to your mysqueezebox window
(you should see something similar to the image below)

mysqueezebox window

12. Return to your TAB

13. Now just hit the RESTART button

14. Be patient while your unit reboots

15. And that’s it! Afterward, your TIDAL option will be displaying a green CONNECTED icon underneath it

You can always go ahead and check inside your > Server > Settings > TIDAL 
To confirm that you are connected and able to interact with TIDAL in your 2.0 (a simple test is to search for an artist or song and you will see the options with the TIDAL alongside the results) 

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