Connecting to UPnP Streamers

If you are using a music network streamer such as Auralic, Linn, Lumin, Naim, Moon and many others which connect to a UPnP server, you will use the streamer’s recommended or native app to play music from the Innuos Server. The Innuos UPnP Server should automatically be listed as a UPnP source allowing you to access the music stored on the Music Server. Do note that any streaming services server integrations must be provided by the streamer manufacturer’s app as well. Please follow the steps below in order to configure the UPnP server integration in your Innuos Music Server:

This means that currently you cannot use our own Innuos Sense app or the innuOS dashboard player as a remote controller/player app to play music on your network streamer. The Innuos Sense app will still work for server management tasks, of course. This is actually a much requested feature that we are planning to implement in future developments. You may read more about it on our new innuOS Feedback Zone > Feature Requests > Provide support to play music to streamers via Ethernet on innuOS 2. Feel free to add your vote to it.

1. Go to your innuOS dashboard via or the Innuos Sense app and then to SERVER > SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > UPnP;

innuOS dashboard: settings for UPnP server integration

2. Switch to “On” to enable the innuOS UPnP server integration. The system will now scan the Music Library and make it available on the network for any compliant UPnP client device/app via the built-in UPnP server. Please allow a few minutes to complete;

innuOS dashboard: enabling UPnP server integration

3. Go to your network streamer’s dashboard or remote control app and search for UPnP server sources. You should be able find your Innuos Server, connect to it and then browse and play the Music Library on the Innuos Server.

4. (optional) On any Windows PC you should also be able to find the Innuos server listed as a “Media Device” when browsing the Network section on File Explorer. Please note that by default if you try to open it through that media device entry you’ll be redirected to the internal UPnP server dashboard page. You may however right-click it and select “Open Media Player” to use the legacy Windows Media Player app to play from it;

Innuos Server as a Media Device under the Network Section on Windows File Explorer

5. (optional) You may also use any other UPnP compliant client app on any device on the same network to find available UPnP servers on the network and connect to it. An example screenshot follows for the free opensource VLC player app on a Windows PC.

VLC media player app on Windows PC as an UPnP client to the Innuos Server


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