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Connecting to a SONOS System

Innuos servers can automatically configure your SONOS system to index the music stored on the Innuos Music Server, enabling play it from your SONOS app into any SONOS wireless speaker. Furthermore, whenever music is added to your Innuos Music Server, be it via ripping a CD or by using the Import feature, the SONOS music library will be automatically updated so there is no need to manually request this on the SONOS App. Follow the steps below in order to configure the SONOS integration in your Innuos Music Server:

1. Go to your server’s innuOS dashboard via the web service or via the Innuos Sense app and reach for the Sonos integration on the system settings:

innuOS dashboard > SYSTEM > SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > Sonos

innuOS dashboard: settings for SONOS server integration

2. Switch to “On” to enable the innuOS server integration with the SONOS system. The system will now search for a SONOS network. Should it find one, it will then add the Music folder to the SONOS Music Library and your SONOS will start indexing the available music. If it doesn’t find a SONOS network, make sure the SONOS devices and the Innuos server are active and on the same network so they can “see” each other.

innuOS dashboard: enabling SONOS server integration
If you aren’t using any UPnP compliant network streamers then we advise you to make sure you disable the UPnP server integration option. This will remove the Innuos Server from the sources section on SONOS and prevent confusion as using that path will not work for playing music.

3. Open your SONOS app and follow the steps below to locate your Music Library and play your music.

Steps to view and play your music in the Sonos App