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Connecting Network Streamers

If you are using a music network streamer supporting the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol, you will be able to connect them to your Innuos Music Server. There are two modes of operation, which you can access by going to your innuOS dashboard via or the Innuos Sense app and then to SERVER > SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > UPnP.

  1. Sense UPnP Integration: In this scenario, you use the Sense app to control your network music player, which will show on the UI as a separate player. This allows you to use the Sense App as a single app even if you have network players from multiple manufacturers and if you also have a DAC connected to your system. This allows playing both music stored on your system as well as Internet Radio and Streaming Services.
  2. Native UPnP Integration: In this scenario, a separate UPnP server (AssetUPnP) will be activated on your Innuos Music Server. You will then use the app recommended by your network streamer manufacturer which will find the Innuos Server as a UPnP Server. This allows you to play music stored on your Innuos Music Server to your streamer. Any Internet Radio or Streaming services will need to be configured and supported on the respective network streamers.
innuOS dashboard: settings for UPnP server integration

Sense UPnP Integration

You can now use the Sense App to play music to those devices instead of using the device’s app. This enables using Sense as a single app to play music on both Innuos and other network streamers, maintaining a single view of your Music Library, Playlists and Streaming Services across your devices.

To enable this feature, follow the steps below:

1. Go to SERVER > SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > UPnP and set the switch to On.

UPnP Mode Selection Screen

2. Choose the Sense UPnP Integration Option and click Apply Changes.

Choosing Sense UPnP Integration

3. After applying he changes, click on the Audio Settings button to start configuring your Network Players

Applying Changes and navigating to Audio Settings

4. On the Audio Settings, allows some time to scan your network to find new network devices. After about 30 seconds, it should contain a list of enabled and disabled network devices.

Please note that only network streamers connected to the same IP network as your Innuos Music Server will show here.
Listing Network Streamers on the Audio Settings

5. Choose which network players you want to enable by clicking the icon in front. The player will now move to the list above.

Enabling Network Streamers

6. You can now choose a profile for that player. Profiles are configuration sets to adapt to the specific features of each network streamer. The Default profile is a generic profile that is limited to playing back up to 16bit/48KHz to work with the majority of streamers. Check on the list if a specific profile exists for your network streamer and apply it. If it doesn’t exist then you may revert to the Default profile or try any of the other available profiles and see how it works with them. The profile list is updated from our cloud server when your system reboots so new profiles are being updated without the need to install software updates.

Choosing a profile for a network streamer
Please bear in mind that given that the Universal Plug and Play protocol can be implemented in different ways by different manufacturers, it’s possible that some network players will not play correctly. Some makes and models will work better than others. If this is the case, you may always revert to the Native UPnP server integration option and use the native or recommended Streamer app instead.

7. Once the player is configured, it will show up on the player list, which you can access on the bottom-right corner for the screen. Just choose the player and you can now play music directly to it.

Native UPnP Integration

With Native UPnP Integration, instead of using the Sense App, you can use your network streamer recommended app to play music physically stored on server. This may be a good option if you prefer to use the native app on your network streamer or if there is an incompatibility between the Sense UPnP Integartion and your network streamer. Any Internet Radio or Streaming services must be configured on the provider app. Please refer to your network streamer manual on how to connect to a UPnP Server to the app.

To select Native UPnP Integration, do the following steps:

1. Go to SERVER > SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > UPnP and set the switch to On.

UPnP Mode Selection Screen

2. Choose the Native UPnP Integration Option and click Apply Changes.

Choosing Native UPnP Integration

3. The AssetUPnP Server integrated with innuOS will now start scanning your music. This may take from a few minutes to several hours depending on the size of your library. You can now configure the app on your network streamer to use the Music Server’s UPnP server, which should be announce with your Server’s name (Ex: “Zen Mk3 Music Server”).

Choosing Native UPnP Integration

Done. You should now be able to play from your Innuos server/streamer to your network Streamer.