innuOS 2.0 & Sense App

innuOS Operating System & Sense App

We developed our own exclusive Innuos operating system (innuOS) to allow complete Music Library playback and management through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Controlled by our Innuos Sense App or simply through any web browser, navigating your music collection is intuitive and responsive, offering a premium experience whether you’re ripping CDs, creating playlists, importing files, or exploring streaming services.
Sense App

Changing the way people interact with music

Customisable Home

The Homepage overview is designed to get you listening to music right away, using a series of widgets that can be arranged to your preference.
New Music

Recently added albums are displayed chronologically here, whether they be from CD rips, imported files or saved favourites from connected streaming services.

Radio Presets

 A shortcut to your favourite saved iRadio stations for rapid access.

Last Played Tracks

A short list of your most recently played tracks, expandable to reveal your longer listening history.

Favorite Playlists

 Quick access to play or amend your chosen favourite playlists.

Most Played Playlists

 An overview of the playlists you have listened to the most, whether they were created on innuOS or saved from a connected streaming service.

Explore your music

Our powerful innuOS Music Library engine offers comprehensive browsing and exploration
Filtering and Tags

 Refine your browsing with filters and personalised tags to sort by different criteria of source, resolution, favourites, genres or your own customisable tags.

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Flexible Playlist Management

Effortlessly assemble playlists as you go or modify your existing ones, with features such as transferring songs between playlists or export your playlist to USB drive to take with you. 

Streaming Services integration

Link your Qobuz account for a full merging of your Qobuz library into your innuOS music collection, joining your CD rips and digital downloads. Use connected streaming services to discover more music from existing Artists in your digital collection or from iRadio discoveries. (click for more information on Tidal and other services integration)

Streamlined Server Management

All essential server duties consolidated into one intuitive page, giving an overview of essential information and rapid access to server functions and settings.
CD Ripping

 Easily adjust ripping settings and view your CD rip history, with notifications of any discs requiring attention and easy data editing. (click to for more)


 Add your music with remarkable speed and watch your library grow in real-time as imports progress. (click for more)


 Easily protect your Music Library with automatic backups, including our new automatic NAS scanner to easily export music to another network drive.


 We’ve worked to develop an intelligent search engine that works across all music-related content, from track titles to radio stations, playlists to genres – you can even use multiple terms such as adding year of release to refine your search even more.

A more efficient OS and a slick new User Interface (UI)

With the innuOS 2.0, we went the extra mile to reduce the load on the system in order to minimize latency and noise. Using cutting-edge technology, our UI now uses push technology reducing noise-inducing network communication, latency, and higher priority to audio processes, resulting in a more responsive User Interface as well as potential improvements in sound quality.

Our team has taken special attention to make the UI fast, responsive, and easily accessible to the most used features at your fingertips

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innuOS Feedback Zone

We are listening!

The innuOS Feature Request site is a place where users can submit and vote on ideas that they would like to see added to our ongoing software development. It is a roadmap for recently implemented changes, features that are currently in development, and others that we have planned for the future.

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