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What is Roon

Roon has brought more colour to music by providing an interface which offers a way to explore, search and read more information about music and artists.

Innuos + Roon

Our philosophy is to design open products which allow integration with the most popular Hi-Fi and Multi-room products in the market. To offer customers the possibility to use the content-rich Roon software with our ZEN Mk3 series perfectly embodies that philosophy.

Enhance your Roon experience

Our operating system innuOS complements Roon perfectly and our hardware was designed for optimal music playback. Not to talk about our unique, stylish design.

  • Ready to use, hassle free

    All Innuos music servers are ready to work with Roon out of the box. No need to install software and internal storage is already included.
  • Intelligent CD Ripping

    Rip your CDs and they will automatically appear in your Roon library.
  • Digital Music Import

    innuOS import wizards have several features such as adjusting very long file names or removing illegal characters, allowing these music files to appear in your Roon library.
  • Quarantine

    innuOS has a staging area which holds any CDs which need your attention like unknown or potential duplicate albums as well as albums ripped offline or with damaged tracks.
  • Automatic music files backup

    Back up your music files automatically to a NAS or a USB drive.
  • Sound Quality

    The ZEN Mk3 Series was designed to optimise music playback through three key areas: minimising power noise, reducing vibration and optimising firmware with increasing audiophile refinement across the models.

Different scenarios available

Within innuOS, Roon can be used in 3 different scenarios:

  • As a Roon Core Server and Player

    Connects to a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) via USB or other Roon-Ready devices connected to the network. This is the most usual scenario where you can use the innuOS server as an integrated Roon solution for both managing and playing your music. This also works as a multi-room system with the addition of other Roon-Ready devices.

  • As a Roon Core Server only

    Connects to other Roon-Ready devices connected to the network. In this case, the innuOS server does not play any music, only serves music to other Roon-Ready devices. This is useful for users who focus on a multi-room system (e.g. using with Sonos) or want to use a specific Roon-Ready device for their Hi-Fi system, such as the dCS network bridge.

  • As a Roon Player only

    Connect to another system running Roon Core and use as a player only. This is useful if you plan to use Roon with computationally-heavy Digital Signal Processing (DSP) scenarios, where a very powerful computer is required to perform the heavy-duty processing, such as upsampling to DSD.

Easy to activate

  • Roon can be easily installed from innuOS version 1.2 onwards.

    You just need to go to innuOS settings and activate Roon.


    For more information on how to activate Roon go to innuOS Manual