innuOS 2.0.7 Released

Hi everyone,

These past couple of weeks I have been deep down into our Support to get a good understanding of the issues our users are experienced. We always rest uneasy if there are issues that significantly affect the user experience, which was indeed the case of the 3 main issues resolved with version 2.0.7: Imported Music and Ripped CDs not being added to the Library, issues with backup and the automatic Sonos integration broken. We’ve further fine-tuned our QA processes to cover a wider testing before a release because, as tempted as we may be to release fixes right away, it’s no use if they end up breaking other things. 2.0.7 is indeed a good step in the direction of having a very stable product now after the hiccups so associated to a new major release.

You can find the changelog for version 2.0.7 here.

But there is still one issue that’s pending and that affects some of you: The UI can become not responsive if the app goes to the background and then comes back. Given this did not occur to everyone, it’s been a long battle to identify the issue. The development team has been working tirelessly on this issue and we are confident this will resolve this issue once and for all. The first step will be producing a version 2.0.8 beta and we will contact some of those who reported this issue so we can install it for you and you can confirm the issue is resolved. Based on the feedback I’ve been checking with Support, this would the the last of issues affecting a larger number of users.

This will allow me from next week to focus on going through our feature requests on the Feedback Zone and further refining our roadmap for the months ahead so expect a lot more feedback from me on this.

With innuOS becoming more mature, I also thought that it won’t make much sense to write a blog necessarily every week but rather when there are news or a subject I’d like to share with all. After all, the best space for debate will be the Feedback Zone and that is where I will want to spend more time. As such, there will no longer be a weekly blog post but rather when there is an interesting subject ranging from product vision to technical details.

In the meantime, TIDAL integration is progressing and we are exploring the possibility of including on this 1st phase the ability to passthrough MQA to MQA compatible DACs. This means those of you with an MQA compatible DAC would be able to play TIDAL Masters right away. No promises yet but we’re making a big push for this.

Speak soon,


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