Weekly Update (15th Sep 2021)

Hi everyone,

This week we will focus our update on providing more detail about the TIDAL integration being done with innuOS 2.0. We are dividing TIDAL development into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: Direct TIDAL login via oAUTH authentication and integration into the Music Library. This means playing music from TIDAL will no longer rely on the mysqueezebox.com platform and logging in to TIDAL will be much easier with a simple login form directly from TIDAL where you can even use your Facebook, Twitter or Apple account. Additionally, we will sync your favorites into the Music Library and improve the TIDAL artist page, which will be very similar to what we provide with Qobuz.
  • Phase 2: Integrating the MQA licensing and software decoder in order to process TIDAL Masters albums in High-Res. This will add support to playing back TIDAL Masters on innuOS either direct to an MQA DAC or via a software decoder to any DAC.

So why divide in 2 phases? We want to be able to deliver the TIDAL implementation sooner as the current mechanism of integrating mysqueezebox.com is indeed quite clunky and confusing. It will also bring out a lot more value to the innuOS system for those who don’t have a Qobuz account and rely exclusively on TIDAL for their streaming purposes as it allows the same possibilities for exploring related artists and albums as we currently do with Qobuz.

Secondly, we do want our community to let us know if indeed this is a priority. If there are other features that YOU feel are worth having sooner than MQA integration, then we will leave MQA integration for later. This is why we have set this as a separate feature request and we’d like to hear from you. If you do find playing TIDAL Masters is crucial to your experience then please vote here and make yourself heard. If this becomes one of the top priorities, we will then implement this sooner.

Regarding the status of TIDAL implementation, we have now the new oAuth login implemented and we are now finishing up the Music Library integration. Next in line will be adapting our TIDAL home to the new API as well as the new TIDAL Artist page. We’ll keep you posted on progress. Here’s a few images on how it’s looking.

innuOS 2.0.6 now live

Took us a day longer than expected but innuOS 2.0.6 is now available to update. You can check the complete changelog for this version.

Catching up on Feature Requests

I’ve been able to look into a few Feature Requests but still a lot to delve so please bear with me. All Feature Requests will be analysed and either published or sent a response of why they were not being considered.

PhoenixNET back in production

On other news and after a long, long period we finally were able to get our hands on the components we were missing and we have our PhoenixNET now available and in production. We’re now fulfilling back orders so if the PhoenixNET is on your wish list, now is the time to order as quantities are limited!

That’s all for this week, hope to see you here next week!



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